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Which tooth is extracted for orthodontic treatment and why?

Not every orthodontic cases require tooth extraction. The dentist extracts teeth to provide the room either for improving alignment of the tooth or bring back the sticking out front teeth.

1. Patients who have severe crowding, extraction of premolars teeth is commonly chosen to provide rooms for full alignments. However, in the cases that severe crowding localized at lower front section. One lower incisor may become the tooth of choice.

2. Some patients seek a solution for sticking out top teeth or complaining about their full lips, the extraction of first premolars is the treatment of choice as the room created close to the front section. Thus, bring the protruding front section back is easily achieved. Once the teeth are back, the lip will follow, improving facial harmony.

Can we fixed the teeth without extraction?

The answer is yes. Space can be created by three more ways.

1. The protruding tooth can be brought back by mini-screws. These micro screws will allow the whole arch to be pulled back. This process called en-masse distalization. The removal of wisdom teeth is required to facilitate the process.

2. Arch expansion can create some spaces, this procedure is suitable for patients who have a narrow arch. The expansion will not only create spaces but also make a smile fuller.

3. IPR or interproximal reduction, the procedure will create spaces between contact points. It can be done at maximum 0.5 mm per contact. This is treatment of choice for those who have triangular shape of tooth as it not only create spaces but also improve the shape of the front teeth. This technique is an alternative to tooth extraction especially in adults.

I hope this article is useful.

Dr. Akkharit Suwansumate
MClinDent in Orthodontics (merit)