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What is digital implant?

It is the term used to present the way implant placement is planned. The specialist uses the 3D technology, 3D radiograph, to plan the position of implants in advance so the implant can be placed in the best position without damaging the nerve or the teeth. With the help of CAD-CAM technology, the position in …

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What is the Retainer?

The orthodontists use retainer to hold the position of the tooth after orthodontic treatment to prevent teeth moving back to its original position. In order to maintain the good result, patients’ discipline is required. Patients are recommended to wear retainers full time for 3 months after orthodontic treatment and just for night time after that. …

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Impacted or embedded tooth

This is the term called the tooth which fail to erupt. The any tooth can be impacted, but the most frequent ones are third molars (wisdom tooth), canines and premolars. There are two way to treat this condition. First, guiding the impacted into the oral cavity via orthodontic treatment called artificial eruption. We normally use …

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Supernumerary tooth

Normally, human have 32 teeth (including wisdom teeth). However, some people have more than that. The extra one is called supernumerary tooth. Most of the time, the supernumerary tooth failed to erupt so it is not noticeable in general dental check-up. The x-ray is the best way to check if there is one. This extra …

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How Long to Wait for Dental Implants After Extraction?

To place dental implants after a tooth extraction, we normally wait a minimum 2 months, allowing the bone to heal. Especially the case the extracted tooth was infected. However, waiting too long can be disadvantages.  Non-functional bone at extraction site will degenerate, reducing in width and height, which will complicate the implant placement. Additional procedure …

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Immediate Implant Placement

You might already know that implant placement normally requires 2 months of healing time after tooth extraction. We will introduce the term “immediate implant placement”. This term means that implant is placed right after tooth extraction. Is it possible? Yes, with careful planning. It is possible. Three dimensions x-ray will play an important role in …

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