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Impacted tooth

Impacted tooth

Why should we removed these teeth


To prevent and treat gum swelling, as wisdom tooth erupt at the most far back in the mouth. Thus it is apparently the most difficult tooth to clean. As a result, gum covering erupting tooth become swelling causing discomfort and pain.


To prevent the damage of the adjacent tooth In the radiograph you see the dark area of adjacent tooth where the wisdom tooth is in contact. The dark area means the cavity is developing. The bad news is sometime this cavity can only been found by radiograph only. The position of some cavity is the blind spot for the dentist to see visually.


Radiograph also shows that there is only little bone supporting the roots of the adjacent tooth as bone is replaced by the crown of wisdom tooth. As a result, the area is prone to periodontal disease.


To prevent impacted second molar, in some patient, sequence of eruption does not follow the rule. The development of wisdom tooth or the third molar appears to surpass the second molar. As the spaces at the back of some patients are limited, the second molar becomes impacted and leaves a small space between. Food gets impacted in the space and cavities may develop.

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