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Braces treatment can offer you more than just straighten teeth.
The following is the sample of what you can expect from the treatment.

Promotion Price

American Ortho metal brackets Invisalign Damon Q Brackets
Starting at 40,000 THB
Starting at 55,000 THB
Starting at 69,000 THB

It can also correct bite position


Closing gaps


Straighten severely crooked teeth


Metal Braces

The benefit of this braces is relatively good price. Here we use high standard USA-made brackets (American Ortho). 

The price start at 40,000 THB.
The payment is divided into many installments so you don't have to pay in full amount.

Damon Braces

Unlike metal braces, Damon braces come with self ligating system so this system replaces elastic modules with machanical lock. This eliminates the need of replacing elastic modules every month.With this system, movement of tooth is more efficient, total treatment time as well as number of visit is reduced significantly. Moreover, it is painless.

Damon Q (Metal color)
The Price ranges from 69,000-79,000 THB
(Free a pair of Clear retainers)

Damon Clear (White color)
The Price ranges from 79,000-89,000 THB
The payment is divided into many installments so you don't have to pay in full amount.

Invisible Braces

Invisalign is a clear braces system (Clear aligners) utilizing the CAD-CAM technology to ensure the precision of its aligners. The aligners can be used to treat wide range of orthodontic problems, crowding, protruding front teeth and multiple gaps. The great thing about the invisalign is that patients can see the simulated final results before the aligners are made, ensuring that patient’s expectation will be met.

Promotion Price: Starting at 55,000

Invisalign express
Price 55,000

Invisalign express Dual arch
Price 65,000

Invisalign lite
Price 120,000

Invisalign Moderate
Price 150,000

Invisalign Comprehensive
Price 159,000

Invisalign Comprehensive + Tooth Extraction
Price 169,000