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What is digital implant?

It is the term used to present the way implant placement is planned. The specialist uses the 3D technology, 3D radiograph, to plan the position of implants in advance so the implant can be placed in the best position without damaging the nerve or the teeth.

3D X-ray
3D planning computer

With the help of CAD-CAM technology, the position in the computer then can be transferred in to clinical use via a Stent. Thus, every surgical procedure is guided by the stent, providing the best accuracy. This planning technique normally used in the position where the direct visual is limited or where two or more implants placed in one area.

Surgical stent 3D printed

The crown on implant can planned in the computer and then sent to the milling machine to form a crown that matches perfectly to each individuals in terms of size shape and relationship to the adjacent and opposing teeth.

Crown on implant 3D