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Dental implant

Dental implant

With the advent of dental implant, it is the closest thing to natural tooth. The dentists can re-create a new, healthy, and charming smile. The implant is made from titanium which is bio-compatible with human bone. The implant can be placed in the bone where tooth is missing under local anesthetic. Thus, hospitalization is not required. The Crown or bridge can be made and attached to the implant so the tooth replacement can be done without disturbing the adjacent teeth.

Promotion Price for single implant

40,000 THB 69,000 THB 80,000 THB
for Dentium implant (Korea), crown included
for Straumann Roxolid implant (Swiss), crown included
for Straumann Roxolid SLActive (Swiss), crown included

Implant supported denture
Implant can be used to support the full mouth dentures.
The denture can be either fixed with implants or can be removable.

Sinus Lift

Do you need this procedure?

If you plan to have implant replacing the top back teeth and your natural teeth was removed long ago. The answer is you are likely to need this procedure prior or at the same time as implant placement.


When top back tooth was removed, the floor of maxillary sinus (air space of your top jaw) tends to expand downward replacing the bone. Good placement of implant requires adequate bone support. Thus the sinus lift procedure (as is its name) is to lift the floor (sinus membrane) of the maxillary sinus and fill bone scaffold material underneath to allow bone to grow back in place providing the support for the implant.