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Why Invisalign?

Why AU Dental?

All invisalign cases at AU dental clinic will be treated by Dr. Akkharit Suwansumate who received his Dental degree with first class honours from Mahidol University. Moreover, He got his specialist orthodontic training from Eastman Dental Institute, University College London, Unite Kingdom. He is also a full member of Thai Association of Orthodontists. More than 5000 orthodontic patients have been treated by Dr. Akkharit so you can be confident that you are in good hand.

Not only our dentist is experienced, sterilization is the top priority of our clinic. All equipment is hospital grade.

Why Invisalign?

Because it gives you freedom to live normal life which other type of braces will not able to provide.

  1. Easy to brush your teeth, you do not need to use special tooth brush, standard brush is more than enough. You can also use standard dental floss so floss threaded is not required.
  2. You can eat whatever you want such as steak without worry that pieces of food will break you bracket. Thus, no emergency to visit your dentist.
  3. You talk, smile with confidence. Most people do not notice that you are having an orthodontic treatment.
  4. It is the most comfortable braces that you can have as it is very thin and well-polished. Irritation to your gum and lip is very minimal.
  5. You can see the expected result before the real treatment starts. This feature will allow you to check if the outcome you wish matches the result that orthodontist plan for you. The system allow us to modify the plan until both patients and the orthodontist agree.

Before-After Invisalign